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Administrative Review

Immigration Appeals and Visa Refusals
Immigration Accreditation

We can assist you with all aspects of immigration law. This includes any problems concerning visiting, working, studying, settling or conducting business in the UK.

Why Choose Us for Immigration

SJS Solicitors is an accredited member of the Law Society’s Immigration & Asylum Accreditation Scheme. This is awarded to firms who have an extremely thorough understanding of the UK's immigration and asylum laws. SJS Solicitors are proud to hold Level 2 membership, and our Principal Solicitor, Mrs. Sukul, holds supervisor status with over 17 years of experience fighting for her client's immigration rights. SJS Solicitors have been accredited since January 2006.

We are fully aware of the fact that the United Kingdom immigration laws are ever changing and can be very complex. It is therefore essential that you consult us for specalist legal advice before making any application that concerns any aspect of immigration law and the UK.

After the Home Office makes a refusal on an immigration application, and if human rights violations are not applicable, there is usually no right of appeal, and these types of decisions can only be overturned by what is known as an administrative review.

Our immigration team are highly experienced with the preparation, filing and case management of such a review to the Home Office.

Our work will consist of us preparing grounds for a reconsideration of the Home Office decision. SJS Solicitors have been accredited by the Law Society at both a Level 2 and a Supervisor Level for Immigration and Asylum cases and as such are very well placed to deal with your administrative review matter.

There is substantial preparation work involved in a successful administrative review case. The above are the standard requirements but there are other requirements which must be fulfilled such as suitability, family life criteria, life as a partner under Appendix FM, your relationship, English language requirement, financial requirement & compliance as well as compliance with Appendix FM-SE. Our team at SJS Solicitors will ensure that your review satisfies these before we submit your application to the Home Office. Our immigration team will prepare your application comprehensively and you will be assisted through the entire review process.


Our Fees for an review of this type varies depending on the complexity of the case but as a guideline will start in the region of £1725 + VAT, this includes our consultancy fee of £125 + VAT, which includes a 45 minute meeting with our Principal Solicitor where we discuss the details of your case, and allow you to decide if you would like to proceed with instructing our firm, if you decide not to, only the consultancy fee is payable. Our fees do not include any Home Office fees or disbursements which have to be paid separately.

Our consultancy fee includes:

  • A 45 minute meeting with our Principal Solicitor
  • A client care letter detailing all advice given in the meeting sent within 24 hours
  • The option to choose if you want to instruct our firm or not for your matter

If you are considering applying for an administrative review and currently reside outside the UK, we urge you to contact our firm by following this link or telephone us on +442086754436 so that we can help ensure that your application is a success.

If you reside within the UK, we recommend that you book a consultancy meeting with us by following this link so that we can discuss your application face to face.