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Contact with Children

Family Law involving Children
Family Law Accreditation

Whilst we all wish and we all hope so earnestly that life and family relationships would follow the path of happiness, we all know that from time to time problems do occur.

Why Choose Us for Family Law

SJS Solicitors is an accredited member of the Law Society’s Family Law Accredited Scheme. The Accreditation is only awarded to firms who are able to provide quality family law advice upon which clients can rely. Members of this scheme are required to have a high level of knowledge, skills, experience and practice in the area of family law and must meet the highest standards of technical expertise and client service. SJS Solicitors have been accredited since November 2011.

Our team at SJS Solicitors recognise the delicacy and professionalism that must be applied situations involving Family Law. We have the skill and the expertise to handle these matters professionally, whether they involve children custody disputes, separation, attending to legal aspects if someone has passed away or any related matters. We are here to help and bring satisfaction.

History has shown that children are vulnerable when their parents are in a divorce or separation situation. It is always best to try and agree the arrangements as to how contact will be made between the parents and the children as this will save time and legal costs. Agreeing these arrangements for the children avoid the need for the parents asking the court to do so which often offends one party or the other, and sometimes both. In situations where the parties do not agree these arrangements, a mediator could assist. If that is unsuccessful, the arrangements would be decided by the Court. The parties are required to engage in mediation before going to Court. There are some exceptions where mediation may not be applicable, such as domestic abuse cases. MEDIATION Mediation is a process during which an independent and impartial person discusses whatever issues / problems the parties may be facing with a view of recommending a solution. The parties may need to go to Court if mediation does not work, or if the mediator decides that mediation is not appropriate. If this is the case the mediator will confirm this in writing. An application will then be made to the Court to decide the contact arrangements for the children. COURT The parties are required to engage in mediation before going to Court. If mediation fails, then the court will make an order that states the resident arrangements for the child. In making that order the court will consider that the interests of the child are of paramount importance. At SJS Solicitors, we are sensitive to these often delicate situations. We apply our considerable experience in this field of legal services to provide you with the best possible advice and guidance to make these legal processes as comfortable as possible. We are accredited by the Law Society and Resolution, an organisation of which its members must follow a Code of Practice ensuring clients receive the best possible Family Law advice to carry out Family Law services.